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Monitoring of emission in Alumina Factory Birac

The project Monitoring of emission in Alumina Factory Birac is in progress, parameters that are measured are: SO2, NO, CO, CO2 and
the measurement of particles.
The Annual User Conference "Measurement, Regulation and Automation Techniques in the Process Industry" was organized again this year.

The representatives of our principal companies participated both in presentations and workshops that were organized every day.
Once again this event showed us that the direct contact between the customers and our principals is very important and always mutually useful.
Monitoring in Sunoko Sugar Plants

In Sugar Plants "Backa" Vrbas, "Donji Srem" Pecinci i "Jedinstvo" Kovacica in the first phase was successfully put into operation the measurement of SO2, NOx, CO2 and O2.
The whole system will be completed with the execution of the second phase, which includes measurement of particles and flow of flue gases.
Air Quality Monitoring in US STEEL

Two mobile automatic stations for monitoring air quality were delivered and put into operation, one station is on a truck and the other one is on a trailer. The stations are equipped with the following analyzers: SO2, CO2, NOx, O3, heavy metals and particles (PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1).
Reconstruction of the existing weather station that is a part of this plant was also conducted.
The results of all measurements are transmitted wirelessly to a server in U.S. Steel, enabling each drive to have the current data.
Cooperation with Delta Engineering

In cooperation with our partner company Delta Engineering we have delivered instrumentation for the treatment of waste water in the lacquer factory - Fiat Auto Serbia and flow measurement of waste water in open channels in US STEEL.
The expansion of these projects is in progress.
Automatic Weather Station

The firs phase of the project regarding the road system of Vojvodina is conducted, and it consists of installation and commissioning of road weather station with variable traffic sign and their own power supply through solar panels or batteries on the road M7, Novi Sad - Zrenjanin, bridge over the river Tisa.


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